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The Revenge Travel

The Revenge Travel

The inconveniences of the pandemic come in different forms. For many, the biggest disadvantage is the impossibility to do the activities they enjoy and for others, it’s a trip that had to be canceled. Whether they had to cancel a small or a big trip or even the trip of a lifetime, people love to think about traveling and get revenge for this lost year. This is how the revenge travel concept was created. It was invented in the United States and was inspired by the revenge spending concept that came popular in China in the 80’. Revenge spending is a shopping therapy after a long drought. People get revenge by spending more than they usually would and by purchasing luxury items. The revenge travel concept is very similar. After the large amount of stress this year brought upon us, working from home, and isolation, the desire to travel is very real and people are thinking more about their travel project after the pandemic and they are ready to spend more to make sure that their trip will be a success. We invite you to take the opportunity of the time spent at home to organize your trip for when the pandemic will be behind us. It is the perfect time to research the activities to do, the best restaurants to eat from, and the places where to sleep. This way, when will come the time, you are sure that your revenge travel will be a success!

While waiting to leave far, far away

The motivations to travel changed a lot with the pandemic. Before, the main reason people wanted to travel was to forget and to leave behind the daily stress of work. Now that all the activities that we used to do outside are all done in the family home, the main motivation to travel is to leave our daily environment where all our activities are reunited. People desperately need a change of scenery. Last-minute trips are more and more popular since they give flexibility to travelers and it allows them to get away from home for a short period of time.

In these difficult times, Kasania has decided to ease its cancellation policy to give travelers flexibility when booking and to allow them to make last-minute reservations. Whether you want to enjoy the view on the Lac des Sables from our Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts properties, or you wish to go skiing in Mont-Tremblant or even work from one of our Laval properties, Kasania has the perfect place for you!

Don’t hesitate to call our customer service for more information.

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