Après-ski Meals

Après-ski Meals

A lot of the fun out of skiing (or basically out of any winter activity) is definitely the après-ski. After a full day of exercise or being outside, you are often tired, cold and hungry as a wolf and the only thing you want is to get cozy and eat some comfort food. That’s why we thought of sharing with you our favorite 5 après-ski meals. If you’re not a skier or into winter activities whatsoever, don’t worry, this article’s for you too. The beauty in the après-ski is that you can definitely do it without engaging in the activity beforehand.

1. Fondue

The fondue is definitely high on our list of things to eat after a ski day, since there is something for everybody. Whether you want to make a dinner out of it or simply want to complete your meal with a dessert, the beauty of this meal is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make it and you can take all the time you want to enjoy in. If you’re leaning towards a cheese fondue, you can accompany it with bread, grapes, potatoes or even apples. The Chinese fondue is perfect for you if you are a meat lover and you can accompany your meat with all sorts of fondue sauces. The chocolate fondue stays a classic winter desert and it definitely tastes like heaven with freshly cut fruits.

2. Onion Soup

Onion soup is the perfect meal if you want to warm up. You may think that eating only a soup might not be enough to be totally full afterwards, but we guarantee you that if you add pieces of bread covered with a melted cheese of your choice, you will suddenly find yourself completely sated.

3. Raclette

If you want to let your creativity run wild, a raclette meal won’t disappoint you. It is ideal to reunite everybody over one meal, no matter what your diet plan is since you’re the one to create your own little recipes. Our favorite ingredients to have for a raclette are definitely raclette cheese, shrimps, cold cuts, pickles, meat, vegetables and of course, bread. Bonus point: It is very easy to do. You just have to put on display all the ingredients and you’re all set!

4. Slow Cooker meals

The best thing with slow cooked meals is that you can prepare them before you go on with your day and when you return home, it is ready to be served, as it has cooked all day long. Whether you want to make a soup, a stew or a casserole, you put all the required ingredients in the slow cooker for eight hours approximately and that’s it. The result will be a delight as all the savors had the time to perfectly mix together.

5. Chili

The thing we appreciate about this meal is that you can easily prepare it in advance and reheat it when you want to eat it. Therefore, you don’t waste any time after your long day and in five minutes, dinner’s on the table and it tastes as good as if you had just prepared it. You can serve it with tortilla chips or pita bread and it’s a delight.

A few of our properties are still available for the March break. Don’t wait up and reserve your property as soon as possible! Most of our properties have fully equipped kitchens so you’ll be able to cook one of the delicious meals set out above.

*** Please note that the majority of our properties don’t have fondue and raclette sets nor a slow-cooker. If you plan on using these items, you will have to bring them from home.

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