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5 Renovation & Decoration Trends - 2021

5 Renovation & Decoration Trends - 2021

2020 is probably the year where we have spent the most time at home. While some people don't mind staying home, others feel the need to change the environment where they’ve been locked downed for most of the year, so why not take the opportunity of the pandemic to modify the appearance of your house? Here are the five renovation & decoration trends of 2021 that we love most.

1. The Use of Natural Materials

The use of natural materials is trendy this year, such as linen, cotton, and nude wood. People are looking more and more for minimally processed products to find materials that remind them of nature in their homes. If natural materials are too expensive, interior design experts advise looking for the most authentic imitations, as bad imitations are out this year. Therefore, wood floors with cold shades, wallpapers that imitate textures, and objects that are made with plastic are to be avoided.

2. The Use of the Beige Color

The beige color is very popular this year since it helps create a relaxing atmosphere. The best thing about this color is that it can easily be mixed with popular shades such as white and black. This color will be your ally in creating a relaxing and inviting decor, whether you use it to paint your walls, for your accessories, or your textiles.

3. The Return of the Curves

After a few years where straight lines were popular, the curves are coming back in full force for the beginning of 2021. It is said that curves are associated with gentleness, comfort, and femininity. Similarly to the beige color, the curves aim to create a reassuring and relaxing atmosphere, since they are less stringent than straight lines. If you want to change your decoration, try buying rugs, tables, and mirrors with curvy edges and observe the general effect on your decor. We’re sure you will love it!

4. Ecological Choices

In these times where environmental preoccupation is more than important, it might be interesting to use nonpolluting materials when remodeling your house, such as healthy materials, water-soluble products, cork, and straw. The goal is to choose materials that will be esthetic, sustainable and that will reduce the ecological footprint of your renovation project.

5. The Mix of Textures and Metals

The mix of textures can be an interesting idea to give a little warmth to your decor. Why not use cushions, blankets, and rugs to give an edge to the room? If you decide to match different metals to create a more innovative style, you can try mixing warm and cold metals. This will create an original effect and your design won’t be outdated after a few years because you overused a specific metal that is not trendy anymore.

The crucial thing to remember is to take the necessary time to conceive your home design and to do research before, instead of doing things too fast. It is also important to think about sustainability and to prioritize quality materials that might be more expensive, but that will last longer and that will have a more streaking aspect than poor quality materials.

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